Generation 7; Chapter 16

08-08-16_8-54-22 AM

Kylie sat on her pretty new bed, mashing some clay into the form of a bunny.  It looked more like a blob than anything else, but she knew her daddy would tell her how great it looked anyway.

08-08-16_8-47-28 AM

He always praised her art projects, even if she herself thought they weren’t very good.  But the encouragement was enough to keep her practicing, which only made her get better.  She was thankful for that.

08-08-16_8-55-42 AM

But she knew something was wrong.  When he thought she wasn’t looking, his smile would fade.  She knew he was unhappy, but he never said why, so all she could do was hope it wasn’t because of her…

08-08-16_8-56-07 AM

Come to think of it, maybe it was because of her.  How anyone could stand listening to her play the violin, if you could even call it “playing,” baffled her.  The piercing screeches made her want to plug her ears.

08-08-16_9-00-22 AM

“Hey, Kylie.  What’s up?”
“Daddy isn’t happy.  It’s not because of me, is it?”

08-08-16_8-59-40 AM

“No one is responsible for another person’s unhappiness.  You father has a lot to think about, that’s all.  Maybe you can help him…would you like that?”
“Oh, yes!  How can I help?”


08-08-16_9-24-10 AM

“Kylie, will you help me plan a little surprise for Jenna?”

2 thoughts on “Generation 7; Chapter 16

  1. Oh Kylie. It’s heartbreaking whenever kids feel like they’re the cause of their parents’ sadness/anger when they actually aren’t. Hope the planning cheers her up and brings the family together.

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