Generation 7; Chapter 14

08-08-16_8-43-44 AM

“So, how’s everything going…are you settling in well?  How’s the big novel going?”

08-08-16_8-43-23 AM

“Great, Mom!  I just love my little writing nook.  The novel’s going great.”

08-08-16_9-12-08 AM

The novel is not going great.  It isn’t going anywhere.  I’ve written one sentence.  One.  I’m never going to be an author at this rate…

08-08-16_8-42-40 AM


08-08-16_8-43-48 AM

“That’s…good.  How are things with you and Dale?”

08-08-16_8-44-12 AM

“Oh, same as always…pretty great!”

08-08-16_8-49-05 AM

We don’t spend any time together anymore.  He’s always with Kylie.  I get it — she’s his kid — but I’m his fiance…does he even want to marry me anymore?

08-08-16_8-44-21 AM

“Well…I better get back to the novel.  Thanks for the chat, Mom.”

08-08-16_8-50-22 AM

Jenna sat down at her great-grandfather’s writing desk and stared at the blank computer screen.  She teared up, as she always did after those “chats.”  They always brought up the plum she didn’t want to think about…

Whatever.  She wiped her cheeks.  Back to writing.

6 thoughts on “Generation 7; Chapter 14

  1. Aw… hang in there, Jenna! And maybe the next heart-to-heart could be a real heart-to-heart? I bet it would feel different–there’d be way more tears, but maybe once they were done, it would feel ok, or at least a little less lonely?

    She’s really beautiful–looks so much like Em to me!

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    1. She does look so much like Em! I don’t really know what to do with her at this point…she’s so up and down. I’m hoping her YA trait will provide some insight on which direction to take with her. For now I’m just letting her be; all she wants to do is hole up in her office and write/play video games, so I let her lol. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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