Generation 7; Chapter 10

10-22-15_8-02-19 PMCamden Krough, now a frail old man, arrived at the Johnsons’ doorstep with a sad face.  He knew Grim would come for him any moment, and he had one important affair to get in order.  “I’m sorry–” he blurted out the moment Bliss opened the door.

He stopped short, taken aback by her appearance.  He had expected her to be a gray-haired, wrinkly elder like himself; instead, he found her to be more beautiful than ever.  The only wrinkles she showed were well-earned smile lines; her hair was as long and dark as it was when they were children.10-22-15_8-02-36 PM“Don’t apologize,” she said, handing him a piece of Spooky Day candy as peace offering.  “The past is past.”  Bliss had long ago made amends with him, but the two never truly mended their friendship.  By the time he came back into her life, they both had families and lives of their own.

“Your hair…it’s long,” Camden finally choked out.  “I like it.”
“And yours hasn’t changed a bit, well aside from the…” Bliss teased playfully.
“Gray, I know,” he finished.  It was like old times — himself, Bliss, finishing each other’s sentences, the park, the play dates, their prom…

A small smile lit his face as his life began to flash before his eyes.

5 thoughts on “Generation 7; Chapter 10

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet. Was his showing up there autonomous? If so, it’s also profound. I’ve had that happen, too, where Sims will show up for a last goodbye in the house that’s being played. They know when it’s their last day, I feel.

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    1. It was autonomous! He showed up with a thought bubble of Bliss. Their relationship was almost nonexistent, but he thought of her nonetheless. His townie wife had died a couple days before (which is what the Sadness was about, I’m sure), and I got the death notification for him right after he left. Sims. Gah.

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      1. Isn’t that something? I’m discovering that the relationship bar means nothing. Sims remember–they remember who was important to them, even if they haven’t seen or spoken with that Sim for the equivalent of Sim decades. That’s a beautiful chapter!

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