Generation 7; Chapter 9

Jenna Johnson
November 2, 2015

Writing Prompt:  When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

I guess I had some pretty high expectations for my teen years.  I thought it would be like: 10-21-15_12-18-23 AMWatching funny videos and sharing the latest juicy high school gossip with my little sister,10-22-15_11-19-36 AMHaving late night adventures with my friends and taking selfies so we would always remember,10-24-15_11-50-13 PMSpending the night with my loyal, loving boyfriend and being complimented on my bedhead in the morning.

I guess I had too high expectations, because, unfortunately, it’s been more like…10-22-15_11-11-59 AMRealizing my sister has already seen those funny videos and already knows all of the juicy gossip,10-22-15_11-20-31 AMRealizing my best friend will get more Likes on that solo selfie than our couple selfies ever will,ignoredRealizing my boyfriend is a cheater and a coward who doesn’t deserve the time of day let alone my love.

Can I age up, already?

4 thoughts on “Generation 7; Chapter 9

  1. Caught up, finally! 😀 I think Marce was my favourite heir so far – she went through such an incredible development! I really like your idea with the writing prompts for this generation. I can’t wait for the next chapters, I really hope things will work out better for Jenna! Oh and I absolutely like this mod! I think I have to get it 😀

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