Generation 7; Chapter 8

I should have taken another day off work.  I’m finding it a bit difficult to focus after spending the past five hours consoling my heartbroken teenage daughter.10-24-15_11-02-43 PMI’m finding it especially difficult to pick up the slack for everyone around here.  Patients are waiting at the front desk with no receptionist or nurses in sight.  10-26-15_10-49-22 AMI searched the upper floor — no nurses in sight.  I searched the check-up rooms — nothing.  I’m the on-call doctor for the maternity wing — it should have been empty.10-26-15_10-50-23 AM“Are you a complete and total idiot?  You cannot bring contagious patients into the maternity wing!  Pack your things, Hodge.  I want you out of this hospital now!  And Dale, don’t think I’m finished with–” 10-22-15_7-53-17 PMI was interrupted by a loud thud in the lobby.  “Dale, come with me.  I’m going to show you what I’ll do to you if you break my daughter’s heart one more time…”  I really should have taken another day off.

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