Generation 6; Chapter 15

10-08-15_9-41-05 PM“‘Sup, Jaxen?”
“Not much.  Night watch is slow as usual.”
“Well, at least you can probably sneak in a game of blicblock or two.  I gotta go pop out this nooboo.  See ya around!”
“See ya.”10-08-15_9-42-08 PM“Hurry up, doc!  This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!” 10-08-15_9-42-32 PM“I know what I’m doing, I swear.  It’s this plum machine that won’t start…maybe if I jiggle this handle a bit…” 10-08-15_9-43-33 PM“That is not supposed to spin like that!  GET ME OUT!  GET ME OUT NOW!” 10-08-15_9-45-46 PM“Ohh…that lifelong trauma was worth it for you, baby girl…”10-08-15_9-46-01 PM“You are the most precious little nooboo I have ever seen in my whole life!  Nathanael, come meet our little gi–Nathanael?” 10-08-15_9-46-34 PM“One more block…c’mon, baby, one more block…”

10-08-15_9-50-10 PMI can’t believe it.  I’m holding my very own grandnooboo.  “Hi, Jenna.  I’m your Grandpa…Z.”  Yeah.  That has a nice ring to it.10-08-15_10-53-41 PMSuddenly, a chill rushed over the room.  Zane shivered; Jenna began to wail…again.10-08-15_10-54-20 PM“Shh shhhh shh, don’t cry.  It’s just Ghostly Grandma Marce.  Well, aren’t you the cutest thing!,” she turned to Zane,  “They’re always cuter when they’re nooboos.”

Zane stared, wordless, in disbelief.  What the actual plum?  Is it really–I can’t believe–I–“10-08-15_10-55-28 PM“Marceline?  Is it really you?”
“‘Course it’s me.  You really thought Watcher would let me leave without giving her a tombstone?  HA!”
10-08-15_10-56-01 PM“Wait, ‘Watcher’?  I thought you didn’t…nevermind. ‘Leave’?  Leave to go to where?”
“Doesn’t matter.  Just shut up and kiss me.”


6 thoughts on “Generation 6; Chapter 15

  1. I love it when the granny ghost comes to see the nooboo! And how awesome that Zane was there for that! 🙂

    They’ve gotta be one of my favorite couples. I really like Bliss and Nathanael, though, too–I just sort of adore the comfortableness of the bromance. It’s like this huge bond that just lets them settle together. 🙂

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    1. While I was writing ‘Raising a Family’ and looking for old screenshots for it, I was reminded by how much I really loved and miss Marce & Zane’s relationship…but Bliss and Nathanael’s is really great too. Even after having kids, they’ve always got whims toward each other and autonomously kiss/hug/bro hug all the time. They’re quickly become my favorite couple ❤

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