Generation 6; Chapter 10

10-02-15_2-02-25 PM

Take Your Readers to Work Day

by Bliss Johnson
"Morning, Dr. Johnson!"
“Morning, Dr. Johnson!”

My day begins with a quick ‘hello’ to the receptionist at the front desk.

"Ooh, your little one will be here any day now!"
“Ooh, your little one will be here any day now!”

Before starting the daily grind, I enjoy stopping by the maternity wing to see the cute babies and excited expecting mothers.

"I just get feel plummy. Tired...bored...just bleh. It's probably just the weather, right?"
“I just get feel plummy. Tired…bored…just bleh. It’s probably just the weather, right?”

Then the real work begins: treating patients.  Sometimes you get lucky, and it’s a pretty easy diagnosis.

"Wow, I already feel better!"
“Wow, I already feel better!”

I always try to give them some advice for a healthier lifestyle, not a (temporary) quick fix: “A little exercise can fix all kinds of problems!”

"You know this is the children's wing, right?"
“You know this is the children’s wing, right?”

Sometimes you get the jokesters.  (They’re my favorite.)10-02-15_2-13-17 PMWhile it’s fun to joke around with my patients, I stay on a pretty tight schedule: run tests, consult with my superiors, diagnose and treat the illness, move on to the next patient. 10-07-15_12-04-35 PMSometimes — not often, but sometimes — you get a Code Red.  During Code Red, you drop everything and run.  This is especially important if you’re one of the two practicing doctors in the hospital…10-02-15_2-04-56 PM…and the other is dead.

It’s never “just another day at the office” around here.


7 thoughts on “Generation 6; Chapter 10

  1. Lol the ghost doctor… At least there is one other doctor, every time I’ve played the career the only doctor in the place seemed to bail. The hospital build looks great, I’m liking how light and bright it is.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s currently 1 ghost doctor, 1 orderly, 1 receptionist, and Bliss working in my hospital. I think the last time I played a new (live) doctor was generated — Dr. Ghost must’ve gotten culled. But still…the hospital feels pretty under-staffed. I wish the receptionist would at least do *something* by directing patients to beds…by the end of the day, there’s always a mass of people standing around the lobby. :/

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  2. The hospital looks great! I’m still a little too afraid it will feel like real hospitals… ghosts in the corridors, weird guys in the elevators, screaming babies in the wings… to want to try it out in my game!


  3. Me: So, Bliss, is this what your day is always like?
    Bliss: Yeah, pretty much.
    Me: Even the ghost doctor?
    Bliss: Even the ghost doctor.

    (Lol! I’ve had ghost doctors too. One of them delivered my sim’s baby!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The ghost doctor is so useless…he just plays with the analyzer all day. *sigh* Oh well, it’s not like he’s really needed anymore. Bliss is movin’ on up! ;D


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