Generation 6; Chapter 9

09-25-15_8-06-56 PM“Okay, you can open your eyes now.  We’re here!” 09-25-15_8-09-16 PMThere isn’t much to do around the house lot lately.  I didn’t really get all of the details (when Bliss started babbling about ‘the Player,’ I lost her), but I got the gist of it: they have to start over.   I figured she could use a bit of fun after a busy week of hard work, so I took her out to the fall festival.09-25-15_8-11-06 PMIt’s sponsored by the local hospital; the doctors who used to live on this lot moved out and had it converted into a park.  Those doctors…always thinking of the community.  I’m proud that my girlfriend is one of them.09-25-15_8-13-22 PMWe got some icecream, danced in the gazebo, cuddled a bit on a park bench.  Everything was going really, really great, so…I kinda had an idea.  I just had to wait for the right moment.09-25-15_8-15-09 PM“That little kid was staring at you,” Bliss informed me.

“No, he was staring at you,” I teased back.  “He probably thinks you’d be the coolest mom ever.”09-25-15_8-16-35 PM“Wow, thanks for making me feel old!”  She laughed, and I couldn’t help but join in.  Her laugh is one of my favorite things in the whole world; it’s always been so contagious.

“I’m just saying…maybe it’s time we start thinking about…y’know…”09-25-15_8-17-26 PMNow.  Now’s the right time.  I set my coffee cup down and pulled out the ring.  “Starting a family.”

She gasped.  I panicked for a moment: Is gasping good?  Is that a good gasp?09-25-15_8-17-44 PM“Starting with the two of us,” I smoothly recovered (ha).  “Honestly, I’m not ready for kids, and I don’t think you are either.  Plum, if you never want kids, I’ll be okay with that.  I just want to be with you and make you happy and give you everything you want.”  09-25-15_8-18-33 PMI may have babbled a bit, but it worked.  She leaped into my arms with a huge smile on her face.  I’ll never get tired of her cheeky grin.

“You’ve been working out!” she exclaimed; we both burst into a fit of laughter.

The festival continued well into the night.  09-25-15_7-29-23 PMMusicians from all over town got their chance to shine on stage. 09-25-15_7-29-00 PMMuch dancing and many games took place. 09-25-15_7-31-36 PMEven my future father in-law got his groove on…kind of.  He’s still pretty upset about Marceline (not that I blame him). 09-25-15_7-29-38 PMI found Bliss by the icecream stand more than once; I suppose everyone has their vices.09-25-15_8-30-21 PM“Bliss…how many of those have you had?”

“Hey!  Icecream has a lot of…calcium!”

I just love her.


11 thoughts on “Generation 6; Chapter 9

    1. He rolled the whim as soon as they arrived at the festival! It was so cute — they were surrounded by kids; it really seemed like he thought, “Ooo! Kids! Let’s get married and have some of our own!” xD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. *resists urge to squeeze him* He’s adorable. 🙂 I’m so glad she accepted! Couldn’t deal with the sight of a heartbroken Nathanael. 😦

        Also, that lot is amazing! I like how you put together a TS3 festival for TS4! 🙂 How fun!


      2. I hope we get real festivals with a seasons/generations/I don’t even care which EP. I want working things like carnival games, food eating contests, kissing booth, etc. All the fun ts3 festival things. ^.^ It’s pretty high up on my wishlist.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I miss burglars too! They really should’ve came with GTW. I think they could pull off a GP or SP with crime stuff–return of the klepto trait, burglars, alarm systems, and of course new buy/build mode stuff to steal. ;D

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Aww isn’t he adorable? How cute. And I love this lot you made, just beautiful, and fits really well with the fall mod!

    And plum… I’m caught up. Nooooooooo! (I guess I could always go back to the SGAS part I skiped. Sigh.)

    Liked by 1 person

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