Generation 6; Chapter 2

What Being a Teenager Taught Me

by Bliss Johnson

07-01-15_10-25 PM-3Tomorrow is the school prom, my young adult birthday, and hopefully the day my life really begins.07-01-15_7-11 PM-2Apparently my mom had some really crazy teenage years.  She was the most popular girl in school — that is, when she actually went to school; she was a total party animal; she was practically a rock star.   Her teenage years were the best years of her life, and she wanted the same for me.  I had big expectations going into this!07-01-15_8-41 PM 07-01-15_10-06 PMI tried out the partying thing.  I went to nightclubs and bars; I danced and drank until the wee hours of the morning; I got juiced.  It just didn’t feel…fulfilling.  It was fun, sure, but at some point I realized it was fun not because of where I was at or what I was doing but because of the people I was with. 07-01-15_10-51 PM 07-01-15_11-02 PM-3I’ll take hanging at home with my friends over partying with a bunch of strangers any day.  No, I’m not a loner, but I’m also not my mom.  I have my tight-knit group of bros, and that’s perfect for me.  I know someday things will change and we might go our separate ways — we’ll have new friends and careers and families to focus on…07-01-15_11-20 PM 07-01-15_11-20 PM-3I know change is inevitable.  I see it every day: the way our bodies change in regard to our food intake and physical exertion, the way the plants grow and produce fruit, the way relationships ebb and flow.  Take my personal trainer for example.  When he moved in, he sparked up an interest in one of my mom’s high school friends.  One life stage later, they’re engaged and moving to Newcrest together. 07-01-15_11-36 PMAre we always happy about change?  No!  It can be unsettling and even upsetting.  We get so comfortable in our routines — lazy even — and it takes a lot of hard work to break those routines.  07-01-15_11-39 PM-2 The best advice I can give you comes in the form of a song: Three Little Birds.
It’s all about not worrying — which is sometimes the only thing we can do.  Change is inevitable, but there’s no point in worrying about it.  Live in the moment, enjoy the moment, and take the next moment in stride when it comes.  And with that, I’ll leave you until next time when I stride into my young adult years.


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