08-01-15_7-45 PM-2Amina:  “Mac n cheese.  All kids love mac n cheese.  I know I love mac n cheese…”08-01-15_7-42 PMFree:  “I’m so hungry those mushrooms are starting to smell like mac n cheese.”

Em:  “I’m so hungry, you’re starting to smell like mac n cheese!”08-01-15_7-45 PM-3Amina:   I wonder what Mom and Dad are up to at home.  Hmm…Dad’s probably going on about ducks again, and Mom’s probably thinking to herself, ‘And I’m the Insane one.’  Ha.08-01-15_7-42 PM-2Free:  “What do you think Amina’s cooking for dinner?  I’m starving!”

Em:  “I bet we have cereal again.  Amina isn’t the best cook…”08-01-15_7-52 PMAs if right on cue, Amina flew up into the air, spontaneously bursting into flames.  Making mac n cheese is no joke, kids.  Don’t play with ducks–I mean, think about–I mean, you know what I mean.08-01-15_7-54 PM-2Amina:  “Kids, dinner’s on the stove.  I’m going to take a bath.”08-01-15_8-02 PMEm:  “What is that putrid smell?!”

Free:  “I think it’s our dinner.”08-01-15_8-03 PM-4Em:  “I told you.  Cereal again.”

Free:  “But…how hard is…it’s just mac n cheese!”08-01-15_8-03 PMEm:  “Try living in a legacy house.  You’d be surprised.”

The two ate as fast as simmingly possible, then ran for the sweet, fresh mountain air just as the sun began to rise.

08-01-15_8-23 PM***

Scrapbook time!

08-01-15_8-24 PM-3Free:  “Send this one to my mom!  Say, ‘Look, Mom!  I found my bear mom!'”

08-01-15_8-32 PMEm:  “Holy plum!  That butterfly is literally bigger than your head!”

08-01-15_8-32 PM-4Free:  “Why am I just walking in this picture?”

Em:  “You’re one to talk!  How many pictures did you take of me ‘just walking’?”

Free:  “Not even that many.”

08-01-15_8-25 PM-2Free:  “Okay, one.”08-01-15_8-25 PM-3Free:  “Uh…one and a half…”08-01-15_8-25 PM-4Free:  “One and fifteen-tenthousandths at the most.”08-01-15_8-21 PMFree:  “This one doesn’t count because you aren’t standing.”

Em:  “Fair enough, I’ll give you that one.”08-01-15_8-39 PM-2Free:  “Oh!  Look — there’s one of you fishing!  Hey, where is that picture of my hugegiganticnormous fish?  Send that one to my dad!”08-01-15_8-43 PM-2Em:  “You mean this one?”


Free:  “You said you deleted that one!”08-01-15_8-42 PMEm:  “Okay, now it’s deleted.  Here’s the other one.”

Free:  “Are you sure that’s the right one?  That fish is more like biggishmonstrous, not hugegiganticnormous…”

08-01-15_8-36 PM-3Em:  “Did you take that one?”

Free:  “I would have to be as tall as Momma Bear to take that one!”

Em:  “Then who…ohhh.  I think I know.”

*wink*08-01-15_8-43 PMFree and Em spent the entire day out — exploring, hiking, fishing, you name it.  The time flew by, or spun by, or zig-zagged by, depending on how you looked at the time loop…08-01-15_8-28 PMFree:  “Sneak attack bear hug!”

Em:  “WAIT–“08-01-15_8-29 PM-2Free:  “I was just kidding.  Regular bear hug.” 08-01-15_8-26 PM-3Em:  “Well, now it’s my turn to sneak-attack-bear-hug you!  Yeah, you’d better run!”

…and they loved every second of it.


12 thoughts on “Misadventures

  1. Oh! I love them so much! Let’s send the photos home to Young CT, can we do that? Through Camp Counselor CT? So they know they’re safe and having fun? That scrapbook is so amazing. I adore their relationship and the way they are together. Geeze. ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes, of course! “Send” any of the pictures to Young CT that you want. Em can get them through with the ol’ space-time thingy. 😉

      They are so great together. Playing them is always so fun and relaxing — they’re such fun Sims to be around! They’re those effortlessly funny/cool kids who you never get tired of.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. They won’t grow up for a looong time. They’re heading over to CT’s hippie world when they’re done adventuring, where they’ll be played on Long. And probably drink youth potions. Yay! ^.^

      Liked by 4 people

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