The Magic Treehouse

07-05-15_7-27 PMFree:  “Woah!  Where are we?!” 07-05-15_7-26 PM-3The trio landed on a magical lot in Granite Falls, built by kraussk9.07-05-15_7-27 PM-2Free:  “I think you really sent us to Narnia!”

Em:  “Maybe I did…”

First things first…

07-05-15_7-32 PM-3Emelia headed upstairs, only to find a very impatient-looking park ranger who had been awaiting their arrival.07-05-15_7-33 PM-2Em:  “Hey, you’re the park ranger!  I’m Emelia Johnson.  Do you have the–”

Ranger:  “Johnson, huh?  You’re one of those Johnson legacy brats I’ve heard of!  Well, don’t think you’re gonna get any special treatment from me!”07-05-15_7-34 PMEm:  “Ma’am, I don’t like the tone you’re using with me.  And…I’m totally unrelated.  No relation whatsoever.  Wrong Johnson.”

Ranger:  “Well, in that case…here’s the keys to the place.  Leave ’em in the main office when you’re done here.”

This is what Mom used to do when she was angry, maybe it will work for me.
This is what Mom used to do when she was angry, maybe it will work for me.

The aggression toward Emelia’s family really shook her up.  She grabbed a book from the living room, hoping to distract herself from her boiling emotions.

The nerve of some people!  I can't believe she'd hate me so much just because I'm a Johnson.  Gosh...Mom wasn't that bad...
The nerve of some people!  I can’t believe she’d be so rude just because I’m a Johnson. Gosh…Mom wasn’t that bad…


07-05-15_7-32 PMWhile Emelia dealt with the rude park ranger, Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea and his cousin, Amina Wolff, went to check out the campgrounds.07-05-15_7-34 PM-2Amina:  “So, you and Emelia, huh?  She must be pretty special for you to travel through time with her.” 07-05-15_7-35 PMFree:  “Yeah, she’s pretty cool.  She used to be a teenager, but she traveled through time so she could come to summer camp.  We can’t be separated again, so we ran away to here!  But it’s okay, I told Dad.”07-05-15_7-36 PM-2Amina:  “But–what about when this adventure is over?  We can’t live out here in the woods forever.”

Free:  “We can’t?”07-05-15_7-36 PM-4Amina:  “Oh, Free–”

Free:  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll think of something.  Hey, I’m gonna go check on Emelia.”

07-05-15_7-37 PM
I swear, if it’s that rude ranger, I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind…

Em:  “Who’s there?”07-05-15_7-37 PM-2Free:  “Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea, intergalactic cheese mailman, at your service.”

Em:  “Oh, hey.”07-05-15_7-38 PM-2Free:  “What’s wrong?”

Em:  “The park ranger yelled at me.  She called me a legacy brat!  It’s not my fault I was born into a legacy…”07-05-15_7-38 PM-4Free:  “I don’t think you’re a bratwurst.  You’re more like a delicious bacon cupcake.”07-05-15_7-38 PM-6Emelia:  “Thanks, Free-Jon.”

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