Generation 5; Chapter 11

Have I mentioned that I love parties?  I’d party every day if I could.  Oh wait — I do!  One of the (few) perks of legacy living: we’re filthy rich, I don’t have to work; I can party all day and all night thanks to Zzz juice (so maybe I haven’t broken that habit).05-27-15_8-09 PMAfter Dad got home from work, I called some of our close family and friends to celebrate with us.  Franz brought his insane girlfriend…I don’t really get what he sees in her, or what she sees in him, for that matter — he’s a total player.  Whatever, it’s his life, not mine.05-27-15_8-16 PMZane showed up!  And he wears Converse.  Plum, he just gets better and better.05-27-15_9-22 PMApparently Mom hired a caterer…I don’t know why, we’re all capable of making a basic box mix cake.  And even more, he hired Franz’s second girlfriend.  Awkward.  Anyway!  Back to the party!05-27-15_9-23 PMEven though I’m pretty sure Mom’s older, she refused to grey first, so Dad was up. 05-27-15_9-23 PM-2Graceful, Dad.

"Your turn, babe!  Let's grow old together!"
“Your turn, babe! Let’s grow old together!”

05-27-15_9-25 PM-2With a bit of hesitancy, she did it — she blew out the candles.  We waited for the transformation to occur. 05-27-15_9-26 PM-4Nice, Mom.  I hope I look that good when I’m an Elder. 05-27-15_9-26 PM-5First thing they did as oldies?  Make out.  It’s a Soulmate thing, I guess.05-27-15_9-27 PM-2Oops, how did that pic get in there?  Hehehe, don’t mind me, just looking amazing…05-27-15_9-29 PMZane had to leave early — work again.  He’s been so busy with work lately, I hardly see him.  I changed into something more comfortable (still on point, as usual) then called him up to make plans for later this week.  I actually really like this guy.

"You know, you aren't getting any younger yourself.  You'd better get on that baby-making business."
“You know, you aren’t getting any younger yourself. You’d better get on that baby-making business.”

Of course Mom had some “words of elderly wisdom” for me.  I swear, elders think they can say whatever they want.  Or maybe it’s just a Mom thing.

"Yeah, yeah, Mom.  I'll get around to it."  Not.
“Yeah, yeah, Mom. I’ll keep that in mind.” Not.

While I don’t have plans for “baby-making,” I might have some other plans.  Perhaps some DTR-related plans.

"Ya know, there's a bright side to being elders.  No more 'safe' woohoo!"
“Ya know, there’s a bright side to being elders. No more ‘safe’ woohoo!”

Gag me.

Marce xo


6 thoughts on “Generation 5; Chapter 11

      1. Exactly! Especially with that hat, he reminds me so much of Malcolm. Even their facial expressions are similar! It’s freaky, but also great, because who doesn’t love Malcolm? xD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know! I keep wondering, If I were to meet in a guy on this side of the screen who looked like that, would I be attracted? I think not, because I like wide, clear eyes… but still… that smirk! Whenever I see a Sim with that look, though, I’m always like, “Oh! There’s a Sim with the hot-Sim look!”

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I noticed when I went into CAS, he doesn’t actually have very squinty eyes! They’re just really, really dark brown, so they look smaller than they actually are. Whatever — squinty eyes or not — that smirk is my favorite feature of his.

        Liked by 1 person

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