S-GAS: Entry 14

Entry 14

written by Emelia Johnson

03-05-15_3-27 PM-3My stomach started to fill with butterflies as everyone started pouring in.  Maybe it’s the fact that there are twenty Sims in one household…or maybe it’s that all of those Sims are so famous and amazing and have their lives together, and I’m just some not-even-a-Spare legacy brat…  03-05-15_3-28 PM-2Not that I’m complaining about my situation, of course…it’s better than being a Potential Heir legacy brat.  I sipped coffee in attempt to relieve some stress while waiting for everyone to find seats. 03-05-15_3-33 PM-3How are there even more than yesterday…?  How many Sims are in that household?!   Okay…deep breath… 03-05-15_3-35 PMEmelia:  “I’m glad to see you all came back for the second meeting!  I was worried I scared you guys off with that one house fire reference…heh…heheh…”

Ana:  “–Oh, don’t worry about it.” 03-05-15_3-29 PM-3Ana:  “We already survived one house fire03-05-15_3-29 PMAna:  “I guess we can do it again!”03-05-15_3-37 PM-2I may have laughed a bit too hard. 03-05-15_3-37 PMEmelia:  “That’s great!  Your positivity I mean, not your house burning down–well, I guess that was good too because you got a new house…  Okay, I’m just going to stop while I’m ahead.03-05-15_3-35 PM-3Emelia:  “I don’t really have anything ‘planned’ for  this meeting; I kind of thought we could just hang out and talk and give each other advice and share our coping skills and stuff.  So…yeah, that’s all I have. Go on — socialize and such!”

Observations by the Player

03-05-15_3-35 PM-4 03-05-15_3-36 PM-2Curmudgeon Cathy:  “Now this is how to do a session.  Just let us be and discover and enjoy!”03-05-15_3-37 PM-3 03-05-15_3-46 PM-1003-05-15_3-59 PM-2Bill:  “I can’t shake the feeling that we’re — this S-GAS thing — is tearing a hole in the fabric of the universe or something…”

Sarafina:  “You sure it’s not just the tea?”03-05-15_3-50 PM-6Emelia:  “What?  I’m checking my…calculator…” 03-05-15_3-42 PM-2Curmudgeon Cathy:  “I may not share all of her whims, but I think we can all agree that Elder is a reincarnated Greek God…”03-05-15_3-39 PMMikey:  “I’m just sayin’ he went upstairs a boy–“03-05-15_3-40 PM-2Mikey:  “But came back down a girl…that’s weird, right?”03-05-15_3-58 PM-3Rose:  “Look, all you need to be happy is music and dancing.  Just dance and everything is fine.” 03-05-15_3-58 PMAna:  “Rosie, you’re just so cute!  I wish I could smuggle you back to my world and keep you as a Child forever…  I think we could maybe do it if Fey would be willing to bypass my Player’s Game Options–”

Emma:  Family-oriented Sims…  *chortles*03-05-15_3-54 PM-2JRose:  “Sooo…nice weather we’re having…”

Fey:  “Don’t speak to me, I’m getting to a good part.”03-05-15_3-54 PMJRose:  Deep breaths…five…four…three…two… 03-05-15_3-53 PM-2Fey:  “Oh, wait a second–you were the one who wanted to know how to get back at your Player right?”

JRose:  “Actually–”

Fey:  “I’m kind of throwing a little…bonfire-slash-protest-slash-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-speech-slash-riot thing tomorrow night.  I’ll be covering that topic around 9ish.”03-05-15_3-53 PMJRose:  “Well, okay then.” 03-05-15_3-58 PM-5Young Cathy:  “See Em over there — she’s doing her homework!  Maybe you should join her, Jon…  Staying in the present, living in the moment, doing daily activities like chores and homework — that’s the best way to cope with anything!”

Free:  “Nah, I don’t want to interrupt her studying.  I’ll wait til she’s done so we can play.”03-05-15_3-59 PMYoung Cathy:  “That’s not what I–oh, nevermind.”

Elder:  “It was a good try, Cath.”03-05-15_4-00 PMPeyton:  Don’t make eye-contact and they won’t approach you…  Maybe if I play some blicbloc I’ll look busy… 

Sometimes a loner just needs to be alone.03-05-15_3-51 PMCrystal (whisper-yelling):  “Mikey…the table is still complaining about you kicking it!”

Josie:  “Hey, I’m Josie!  Maybe I can take your mind off the troubled furniture…You know, I was generated in an Insane Legacy game–“03-05-15_3-52 PMWillow:  Hands to yourself, Willow… 03-05-15_3-51 PM-2Mikey:  “Do you wanna, like, I dunno…get outta here or something?”03-05-15_3-56 PMWillow:  “So…where are we going?”

Mikey:  “You’ll see.”03-05-15_3-56 PM-2Mikey:  “This cool?”

Willow:  “This is perfect.”03-05-15_3-57 PMMikey:  “That one looks hella pretty.  I bet that’s your hard-drive…or whatever.”03-05-15_4-00 PM-3Willow:  Yup…this is perfect…


6 thoughts on “S-GAS: Entry 14

    1. Mikey initiated that autonomous star-gazing scene… It was sooo cute! ❤

      Thanks! I had 'autonomy off' but everyone was doing whatever they wanted anyway, so I just changed the entry from a 'reflection-discussion' to a 'just-do-whatever-hang-out.' I'm glad I captured their personalities well…there sure are a lot of great ones in there. 😀


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