S-GAS: Entry 13

Entry 13

written by Fey Johnson

03-18-15_3-10 PM-2I took a break from the feelings-y plum Emelia was spouting to take care of some business.03-18-15_3-11 PM-2Fey:  “Laurel!  You’re just the mostly-useless-spare sibling I was looking for…”

Laurel:  “Nice to see you too.  Wanna sit?”03-18-15_3-12 PM-3Laurel:  “So what’s up, sis?  You look tense.”

Fey:  “Hmm, maybe I look tense because I’m single-handedly organizing the most important, life-changing event of everyone’s entire existence and Emelia — my own daughter — is forcing me to sit around, drink tea, and listen to all everyone talk about feelings and plum!”03-18-15_3-13 PM-2Laurel:  “Mhmm…yeah…”03-18-15_3-12 PM-4Fey:  “Are you paying attention at all?”

Laurel:  “Sorry, I tend to zone out when you go on dramatic rants.”03-18-15_3-12 PM-5Why do I even try?  03-18-15_3-17 PM-3Kevin:  “Fey!  It’s been too long!  What brings you here?”  03-18-15_3-17 PM-4Kevin:  “Did that ‘older man’ of yours finally keel over and you’re ready to accept your true feelings for me?”

Fey:  “Uhm…no?”03-18-15_3-17 PM-5Fey:  “As I was saying to Laurel — not to you, Kevin — I’m just really stressed out right now.  Having to parade these strangers all over down doesn’t help anything.  I’m here to…err, to…ask for your…h…h-help.” 03-18-15_3-17 PM-7Kevin:  Anything for you, my love…”

Laurel:  “Oh, praise the Holy Watcher above!  Fey — The Almighty Fey Johnson — has actually admitted she needs help once in awhile.  This is big.  Maybe we should throw a party.” 03-18-15_3-18 PM-2Fey:  “Shut the plum up.  So you’ll…h-help then?”

Laurel:  “Well, what else is a mostly-useless-baby-sister-spare good for?”03-18-15_3-18 PM-4Laurel:  “But I mean, I’m just an aspiring Chief of Mischief.  I can help out with the chaos-causing and whatnot, but I’m not really into that world-domination plum that you are.  I really think Kevin could be a good addition to our team, being Evil–”

Fey:  “First of all, this is not a team.  I am an Evil Overlord in the making, you are my minion.  Kevin…Kevin is more like the pet dog.”03-18-15_3-18 PM-6Fey:  “But I see your point.  Kevin, I suppose if you can round up all of the homeless townies and make sure they’re at the park tomorrow evening–”

Kevin:  “I can do that!”03-18-15_3-18 PM-9Fey:  “Good.  Then I’ll see you both at the park tomorrow.” 03-18-15_3-16 PM-2Fey:  “Mwahaha–03-18-15_3-16 PMFey:  –hAHaHAHAHAHA!” 03-18-15_3-20 PM-6Sorrel:  “Oh, no…my Good senses are tingling.”


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