S-GAS: Entry 12

Entry 12

written by Emma Bennet, cathytea’s Wonder Child — big thanks to cathytea for Emma’s words!

03-05-15_3-48 PM-3Emma:  “I guess if no one else is going to go…it’s my turn!”03-05-15_3-49 PM-6Emma:  “As a creative goofball and a genius, I’ve always pushed the envelope, straining the borders of conventional knowledge. I like to look deeply. When I was a teen, I built a rocket ship one weekend and took a few space explorations before school started on Monday. 03-05-15_3-49 PM-10Emma:  “While I was out there, something strange happened. I saw that this sky we ‘see’ is merely a two-dimensional representation. One might say that it doesn’t exist: yet it is more accurate to say that it exists in two dimensions, colored pixels on a screen designed to provide a visual representation of a three-dimensional world.03-05-15_3-48 PM-4Emma:  “As I traveled through space, the visual representation dropped away. The rocket ship dropped away. The visual representation of myself dropped away. Yet I remained. I was faced with the question: if the visual representation of myself has dropped away, and yet I remain, what, then, am I?03-05-15_3-49 PM-8Emma:  “As I explored this, I discovered that ‘I’ was a packet of coding–patterns of zeroes and ones which are composed of patterns of energy pulses: on and off. I am both the energy and the space between the energy pulses. This collection of patterns is who I am.03-05-15_3-49 PM-2Emma:  “In the world on the other side of the screen, it is common for astronauts to return to earth with minds blown and with a new and different understanding of the cosmos and their place in it. Their very identities change.

This happened to me.03-05-15_3-49 PM-5Emma:  “Both of my parents met Grim not long after I returned from space.  I left my home.  I would say that I am coping well, though I am one of only two game-aware Sims in my world. It becomes frustrating to be the only one with this understanding.  I relish this opportunity to be in the company of other game-aware Sims.

So thank you, for this.”



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