S-GAS Interruption

Hey, Player here!  That’s right — the actual Player is speaking, not hiding behind various extensions of her narcissistic ego…

Stop talking in third-person, you’re still hiding.

Well, you’re talking to yourself.  Like that’s any better.  They’re going to think we’re/you’re/I’m insane.

Oh gawd, this is going to be a disaster. 

Ehem, anyway

I need your help!  Now that most of my Sims are Game-Aware, I’m going to introduce myself (to some of them, at least), and I guess I’ll be introducing myself to you guys as well!  This will be easiest for me if I do it in a “Q&A” format, so ask your deep, probing, open-ended questions (or, you know, stuff like “What’s your favorite color?” works too) below as a comment.

Since this Legacy was founded by my Simself, I’ll also be posting a selfie (or two…or four…or ten…  narcissistic, remember?) to compare myself to my Simself and her progeny!  This will be fun (for me at least).

So, please, ask away!  I’ll be making this introductory post once S-GAS is over (soon-ish…).  🙂


9 thoughts on “S-GAS Interruption

  1. What works have you read recently that have knocked you on your butt?

    If you could live with/have as your boyfriend/girlfriend any Sim you’ve ever seen, who would it be?

    What do you find most rewarding about Simming and writing SimLit?

    What does it feel like when you write something that you look at later and you feel like you wrote what was true?

    And… how do you get at “what is true” when you write? What process do you use to reach that truth?

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    1. So many awesome questions. A couple of those will have me thinking for awhile…I’ve been struggling with truth/absolute vs relative truth/beliefs/etc. lately. Thanks for some really deep questions!

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      1. 🙂 You know Young Cathy Tea’s thoughts re. sharing Elder: “Why not let that infinity that’s within us spread out onto everyone we love, everyone who loves us? Surely, Ace-of-Cups love is big enough to include Miho, too, and all and everyone!”

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