Generation 3; Chapter 9

Entry 16

Sean finally coerced me into getting married in the backyard.  I argued that I’m a Legacy heiress and I need a wedding fit for a Legacy heiress; but he won based on the fact that I spent all of our savings on the house (the 12,000 simoleon soaker tub seemed worth it at the time…).02-02-15_12-03 AMTo be honest, I even enjoyed it a little bit.

"I'm starting to see the appeal..."
“I’m starting to see the appeal…”

02-02-15_12-06 AM-3Sean met me under the arch, and for just a moment, it felt as though were the only two Sims in this entire Saved Game. 02-02-15_12-07 AMMy mother joined us as Sean started reciting his vows.  Dad was around somewhere…  Probably tinkering with his new rocket.  Apparently he’s some big hot-shot-Space-Ranger now.  Hmph.  Whatever, he’s practically a stranger to me anyway…  Oh, right, Sean’s vows.

“Fey Johnson, you are truly the love of my life.  Jane Austen wrote, ‘Evil to some is always good to others.’  You have always been good to me, and with this ring, I promise to always be good to you…” 02-02-15_12-07 AM-3“And with this ring, I too promise to always be good to you.”02-02-15_12-07 AM-5 02-02-15_12-08 AMI’m now a married woman.  It feels…exactly the same.  Except now any children I bear won’t be a waste of digital space (not that I feel that way about my dearest Emelia, of course…err…)

"What is so damn pertinent that I have to risk staining this gorgeous dress by sitting on this filthy bench?"
“What is so damn pertinent that I have to risk staining this gorgeous dress by sitting on this filthy bench?”

When Sean went to get the cake, Mother impatiently pulled me over to the bench she was resting on. 02-02-15_12-10 AM-2“I just wanted to congratulate you.  I know how hard it can be to get married and live a “normal life” when you’re Aware.  Trust me, I came this close to telling your father the other night–”  02-02-15_12-10 AM-4“Wait.  What?  You’re…You…” 02-02-15_12-12 AM“I brought the cake!  Say, what are you two lovely ladies conspiring about over there?”

“N-nothing!  Nothing at all!  Just…let’s share the first slice, shall we?”02-02-15_12-14 AMI’m glad he had his eyes closed (though he did almost stab my tongue…), because the game glitched and the cake became invisible.  Thankfully, the taste, and the moment, was still there.  I wonder how many times plum like this happened before I was Aware, and many semi-rational explanations I made up in order to accept it.  On another note, how can Dad be so completely oblivious?!  Is he trying to not know?

"Last one to the bar pays!  I'm in a wedding dress, and I'll still smoke all of you plums."
“Last one to the bar pays my tab!”

02-02-15_12-16 AM-2Everyone ran to the bar, but even in a wedding dress, I smoked all of those plums.  02-02-15_12-17 AMAfter a few Simsmapolitans, I let loose a little bit and joined my parents and Sean on the ballroom-dance floor.  02-02-15_12-17 AM-2For a moment–just a brief moment–I forgot about the game, being a Sim, everything.  What a sweet moment it was… 02-02-15_12-18 AMBut of course, it all came rushing back seconds later.  As I continued to half-heartedly danced, I couldn’t help but get choked up at the thought of what this day could’ve meant to me.  It could’ve been the best day of my ignorant, blissful life.  Instead, it felt fake.  It felt as though the Player orchestrated the whole thing–prompted us to say our vows, instructed Sean to bring me the first slice of cake, forced us to order drinks and dance just to check off goals on some Wedding Party Guide.

My thoughts were interrupted by the soft buzzing of my phone.  The caller ID read ‘Grim Reaper.’  The Player allowed me to answer it.

“Good afternoon, my dearest, darkest child.  My apologies for not being able to attend your wedding in person, but with you parents being so close to death, I didn’t want to make the trip twice (or three, or four, or ten times, knowing your family).  I send all of my congratulations.  I highly approve of the mate you have chosen; I have already seen your futures, and your children’s futures, and they are both very beautiful.  Then again, I suppose I have a twisted view of beautiful.  I must go now, but I promise that we will meet again soon.  Goodbye, Fey.”

I didn’t get a single word in, but I remember every one of his.  I have a feeling that his words will haunt me for a very, very long time.

Thankfully, I had a few hours of work to distract me from my thoughts.

Then it was time for a much more enjoyable distraction.

"You know, now that we're married and all, we should probably get started on producing an heir..."
“You know, now that we’re married and all, we should probably get started on producing an heir…”
"You don't have to tell me twice."
“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

02-02-15_12-53 AM-2He, quite literally, swept me off my feet. 02-02-15_12-56 AM-4

Entry 17 02-03-15_8-30 PMThe Player had better pray to all of the EA/Maxis gods that this baby survives until adulthood, because I am never doing this again.


5 thoughts on “Generation 3; Chapter 9

    1. I was looking for new bathroom furniture on The Sims Resource and it showed up as one of the suggestions on the ‘thanks for downloading’ page! I feel like Fey had something to do with that, since showers and wedding dresses have nothing to do with each other….. XD

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  1. Somehow missed this post before. I can really appreciate the way you’ve been handling game-awareness with Fey. Of course it would feel like she’s been robbed of something to have all of “life’s” mysteries torn away, to know that she’s been played like a puppet to satisfy another being’s whims, that her “freedom” is a lie. It always strikes me as overly simplistic to see game awareness portrayed only in a positive light. Kudos for exploring deeper. 🙂

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