Generation 3; Chapter 2.5

For Sorrel’s last day as a child, I took her and Laurel to the park for some quality family-bonding time.01-29-15_11-09 AM-2I’m not an Angling Ace or anything, but I showed her the ropes. 01-29-15_11-10 AM “I got one!” I enthused.

“Why didn’t I get one?”

“Here, use this little guy as bait.”01-29-15_11-10 AM-3 “I think I got one!” she exclaimed as she examined her pole.

“Are you sure?  Your line isn’t taut…”01-29-15_11-10 AM-4 “Oh…”

“Have patience,” I encouraged.  “That’s the best part of fishing — the relaxing wait — just soaking in the sun, enjoying the refreshing breeze…”01-29-15_11-11 AM Laurel met her cousin, Adolfo, on the playground.  “And then someone was like ‘Hey, Kevin!’ and my sister literally made this pose.”01-29-15_11-11 AM-2 “Little dudette, stahp, I’m going to explode with laughter.”01-29-15_11-12 AM “Daddy!  My pole is bending!”

“Reel in your line slo-”

“I’m reeling as fast as I can, don’t rush me!”01-29-15_11-12 AM-2 “What the what?  There’s nothing there!”

“Er, I think it jumped over to my line!”01-29-15_11-15 AM-2“Well, I know what we’re eating for dinner tonight!”

“Hmphh.”01-29-15_11-13 AM-2“Eat dust, weird old lady!”

*Cue some weird echolocation pterodactyl screech from Laurel*01-29-15_11-14 AMWHAT IS THIS FACE? 01-29-15_11-25 AM “Ah, plum…looks like we’ve gotten into the weeds…”01-29-15_11-26 AM “I’ve got one!  I’ve got one!!  THIS ONE WILL NOT GET AWAY!”01-29-15_11-26 AM-2 “Well, that one didn’t get a-

“Don’t say it.”01-29-15_11-21 AM-4 Laurel crashed a townie party, and proceeded to jump around in their trash.01-29-15_11-22 AM At least she cleaned it up afterward? 01-29-15_11-27 AM-2 Then she sat down by the restrooms to do her homework.  That’s my girl.01-29-15_11-20 AM-2 “I think…I think I have one…”

“Remember — reel slowly!”01-29-15_11-21 AM “Wha–I actually caught one!”01-29-15_11-21 AM-2 “Heh.  I’m gonna keep you as my pet fishy forever.  Your name will be Fishy.”01-29-15_11-31 AM“Okay, we can go home now.  Thanks for taking me fishing, Daddy.”

“Anytime, Sweetheart.  Daddy loves you.”

Fey had a few choice words for Sorrel when we got home.  Good vs. Evil…it’s a never ending battle…1 “Look, small fry, this is what I think of your attempts to foil my evil plans.  I know what you did to Moosley.”

“Wha–?  I just asked to borrow some perfume…I smell like fish…”

“Like I said, thumbs down.”2“Wait a second — did you just say evil plans?”


“Stop it…you’re making me cry!”3 “Oh, uh, good evening, Mother.  What brings you to this hallway?”

“Well, you know, my room is over there, and the kitchen is down there.  I figured I’d make dinner, since we have guests over.”



“WHO INVITED GUESTS INTO MY HOME?!”5Great…now I’ll have to wait another hour for cake while Isis coaxes Sorrel out of her room…

I finished dinner while Isis worked her motherly magic; it wasn’t actually that bad!  I’d go to the extent of saying it was excellent!

After dinner (or, more accurately, during dinner…Sorrel isn’t the most patient Sim), Isis brought out the cake.01-29-15_11-43 AM Rowan came over for the party (he had been sort of close to Sorrel, before he decided pregnancy is an std and children are all demon spawn).  He sure was excited that Sorrel was leaving childhood behind for a more mature life.  Cousin Maribel was also present for Laurel’s moral support.  Having a big sister leave you behind in childhood can be tough. 01-29-15_11-44 AM-2 My little girl blew out the candles and whirled into teenagedom.  Wow…the resemblance between her and Fey is striking.

“I don’t see it…”  Fey retorted.01-29-15_11-45 AM-3“The mysteries of the universe are starting to reveal themselves to me…  I…  I…  I understand everything…”

All of that hard work as a Whiz Kid during childhood paid off — Sorrel is a true Genius now.01-29-15_11-47 AM-2 “Plum, Dad, you smell like a fish.”

“Oh, c’mon!  That’s the smell of hard work, dedication, and success!”

“Seriously, take a plumming shower.” 

As a birthday present, we remodeled Rowan’s old room so Sorrel can have her own “teenage room.”01-29-15_12-57 PM-3“Aww, guys, it’s great!  I promise, I really love it, I’m just so tired…”01-29-15_12-58 PM01-29-15_12-58 PM-201-29-15_12-58 PM-3Some pictures of the room; Isis is quite the interior designer.  Just one more thing to love about her.  She really is perfect…

01-28-15_5-55 PM-2 “We’ve had a pretty good life, huh?” I reminisced as Isis and I relaxed by the pool.  01-28-15_5-58 PM “We sure have.  And…it’s about to get better…”01-28-15_5-57 PM “You mean–”

“Yup!”01-28-15_5-58 PM-2“I love you so much, you know.”

01-29-15_12-57 PM Little Laurel didn’t take her big sister’s birthday well.  She shuffled off to her room with a long face.  It probably doesn’t help that she’ll have her own room for the first time in her life…

But she won’t be alone for long.


2 thoughts on “Generation 3; Chapter 2.5

  1. They’re already reminiscing like an elders… Except there’s another baby on the way? Oh boy! You’re brave.

    I’m actually jealous of Sorrel’s room, wouldn’t mind that myself! She does look a lot like her sister, thank god she’s not evil too! There can only be one Fey!


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