Generation 2; Chapter 18

I haven’t had the best week, guys.  Nothing particularly bad has happened; actually, a lot of good has happened — such as the birth of my second daughter!  Just…let me explain.01-22-15_9-56 PMIt started with this Super Energy potion I bought from COU (Cowplant Owners Union, remember?  Wait, maybe I should tell you guys about that…).  At first I just felt a warm feeling trickling down my body…01-22-15_9-56 PM-2 …but then I felt like my heart was going to explode…

…and it was awesome.

I think it’s time to admit that I have a problem. 01-22-15_8-35 PM Then one evening after work I went out to take care of Moosley…and he swallowed me.  Being swallowed by a cowplant is by far one of the most uncomfortable sensations I’ve ever experienced.  01-22-15_10-27 PMTo make matters worse, later that evening, I heard Fey out in the garden praising Moosley.  I’ve always known that Fey has a dark side…and isn’t very empathetic…okay, she isn’t empathetic at all, but I didn’t think she would ever go so far as to use a cowplant to further her evil agenda…  I’m going to have to do something about this.01-22-15_8-29 PM As you know, I’ve been training for awhile now so I can get a promotion at work…there’s a position open in the Space Ranger Task Force, and I’ve got a few ranks to rise through before I’ll even be considered.  I’m determined to get it, so I’ve been pushing myself harder than usual…maybe a little too hard.  Thankfully, Isis came in and found me before the treadmill tore off my face.

“Sawyer, I think we need to talk…”01-23-15_1-42 AM“What’s going on, dear?  You haven’t wiped out on the treadmill that badly in a long time…”

“Our daughter tried to kill me, I haven’t seen Rowan or Soren in three days, and I can’t move my arm from this position.  I’ve just had a bad week, okay?”

“You need to rest.  You can’t push yourself so hard!  And I’ll talk to the kids…go take a bath, check on Sorrel, and go to bed, okay?” 01-21-15_4-48 PM-4 Sleep when the nooboo sleeps…    

01-21-15_4-27 PM It turns out, the reason why Rowan hasn’t been around as much, aside from  his avid dedication to work and school, is that he has a little girlfriend.  After work one Saturday, he invited her over to meet us. 01-21-15_4-29 PM “So…do you want to meet my family?  I mean, I’m sure you will, whether you want to or not.  This house is a madhouse.”01-21-15_4-38 PM-2 “Quince, can you get Fey out of here?  She’s gonna do something evil and ruin everything!  I actually like this girl…”01-21-15_4-39 PM“Ohh, I gotchu, little nephew.  Hey, Fey!  I think I see you dad trying to uproot Moosley out in the garden…”

“He wouldn’t dare!”01-21-15_4-41 PM-2 “Oh, uh, I should probably make sure she doesn’t, you know, kill your dad or anything.  I’ll just leave you two alone…”01-21-15_4-43 PM “So that was your family, huh?”

“Well, my aunt and my evil twin.  Sorry you had to meet her…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.  I have an evil brother.”01-21-15_4-46 PM “You do?!”

“Yeah!  It makes me sad just thinking about it…  You know…you could comfort me, if you want…”01-22-15_9-44 PM “I heard that!”

“Oh, uh, Mom!  This is my, er, friend — Eliana.”01-21-15_4-53 PM“It’s nice to meet you, Eliana.  This is my other son, Soren, and his friend, Kevin…”01-22-15_8-25 PM “And over there, that’s my daughter, Fey.  Fey!  Cut the maniacal laughter — we have guests over!”01-22-15_8-25 PM-3 “Heehee, sorry.”

01-22-15_10-37 PM-2It was also time for Sorrel to age up.  Fey, the secret family Sim, was present, of course.01-22-15_10-39 PM-2 She is the sweetest little thing.  I tell you, she’s the complete opposite of Fey, which is probably why Fey stalked out of the room as soon as Sorrel gave Isis a huge bear hug. 01-22-15_10-42 PM-2 “Hi!  What are you?”

“Hmmpff?”01-22-15_10-42 PM-4 “Oh, I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to offend you…” “Hmmphh.” 

Meanwhile, in my bedroom…01-21-15_4-42 PM“I kind of have this whim to try for another baby…”

“You know what, I kind of do too.”


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