Generation 2, Chapter 16

Since all of the kids aged up, nothing too exciting has been happening.  We’ve all just been enjoying life.01-20-15_4-31 PM-3I wake up every morning at the break of dawn so I can watch the sun come up as I do my morning work out.01-20-15_4-36 PM-2 I used to wonder why Mom bought such a huge plot of land when she could’ve spent that money on a nice starter home.  Now I understand; the view is breathtaking. 01-20-15_4-35 PM-2I feel truly blessed.  I have a gorgeous home, a great job, and a loving family.01-20-15_4-31 PM-2 I couldn’t resist.  His shower face is so adorable.01-19-15_10-41 PM-2 Little Soren wanders around the house, adding his artistic touch to everything.  His pictures are so cute that I don’t even mind all of the macaroni and glitter everywhere.  I do mean everywhere…  01-20-15_4-40 PM-4 Fey has recently decided that she is completely independent from us and doesn’t need our help with anything.  She won’t let us help her with her homework — between that and her attempt to hack into the school’s grade system, she’s close to dropping to a D.  She also refuses to eat any of our leftovers or quick meals that we buy.  Teenagers. 01-20-15_4-41 PM On the bright side, she’s getting quite good at making scrambled eggs.  If only she’d make group meals… 01-19-15_10-22 PM“What’s the matter, sweetie?  You look tense.  I can help you with your homework, if you wa-“01-19-15_10-23 PM-2“How many times do I have to tell you — I don’t want nor do I need a parental figure’s help to do well in life!  I am a free, independent woman who will not be held back by society’s stereotypes!” 01-19-15_10-23 PM-4 “Are you done?”


“Good.  Now get over yourself and let me help you with your homework before you flunk out of school, get taken away by Child Services, and can’t be heiress to the legacy.”01-19-15_10-23 PM-6 “Yeah, okay…”

That’s my smart, sexy, perfect wife.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.01-20-15_4-46 PM-2“Oh, and Sawyer?  That’s hydrogen peroxide, not vinegar.”01-20-15_4-46 PM This all makes so much more sense now.  See, what would I do without her?01-20-15_7-10 PMWhile the kids were at school, Quincy stopped by to announce her pregnancy!01-20-15_7-11 PM-3I was thrilled, of course!  Now Nooboo #4 will have a cousin his or her own age!01-20-15_6-38 PMThis pregnancy has been going a lot smoother for Isis than the past two.  She’s been relaxing, really taking care of herself this time around.01-20-15_6-38 PM-2She goes on short morning walks, then listens to music while she tends the garden in the afternoon.  The fresh air is good for her.01-20-15_6-11 PM

In the evenings, we all hang out around the garden together (except Fey…she’s too “independent” for that).  Rowan has been helping me in the garden.  He got a weekend job with a local landscaping company and needs to get more familiar with gardening; I’ve been giving him a few pointers, of course.  I’ve also been watching to make sure Moosley doesn’t eat him…again.01-20-15_6-09 PM “Momma?  Whatcha doin?”01-20-15_6-10 PM “I’m dancing, sweetie.  I’m letting the music flow through me.”

“Whatever you say…”01-20-15_6-12 PMIsis is still on Fey’s case about school.  I’m glad someone is…er…not that I wouldn’t be…if I needed too…Okay, I’m just a little scared of her outbursts.  Don’t judge me.01-20-15_6-16 PM “I told you, Mom, I don’t need your help.”

“I actually came up here to see if you wanted to feel the baby.  It’s kicking.”01-20-15_6-16 PM-5“Really?  Eee!” 01-20-15_6-16 PM-7 “Oh my Watcher!  I can feel it!” 01-20-15_6-16 PM-8“Actually, I came to talk to you about something…”01-20-15_6-17 PM“I figured, you’re old enough, and since I’m pregnant again, I should probably give you the talk…you know, about how nooboos are made…” 01-20-15_6-17 PM-2“I’m listening…” 01-20-15_6-17 PM-3“Sounds great!  So can I take over this legacy thing now?”

“Err…well, that didn’t go as expected…”01-20-15_6-23 PM-4 “Someday this will all be mine…hehehe..haha…mwahaHAHAAHAAA!” 01-20-15_6-31 PM-2 “Goodnight, Mr. Firebreath.  Don’t eat the castle villagers while I’m asleep…I sleep with one eye open!”

A few days passed and Isis went into labor while tending the garden.01-20-15_7-43 PM“Little plant, be grateful that you don’t have to feel the agonizing pains of child birth to reproduce!” 01-20-15_7-44 PMAfter three kids, I’m a pro at this.  I only panic internally now.


7 thoughts on “Generation 2, Chapter 16

    1. Thanks! Fey kind of shocked me with her looks. I thought she was going to be a carbon copy of my simself (with red hair), but she actually has Isis’s face shape and nose. It’s a good mix. Rowan is the exact opposite: Isis’s mouth and eyes, Sawyer’s face shape. Soren is just the most adorable child. I just want to play him as a child forever<3 xD

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Having a blast catching up! Can’t wait to see the new kid 😉 I love Fey, especially with her spunk- I think she would grow up to become such a strong girl, especially with a lovely mom as a role model 🙂


    1. She is quite the character! She’s going to change the course of the entire legacy, I swear. Such a strong woman. Anyway, how have you been?? I forgot to ask when I replied to your comment on your blog. x)


      1. I know!! Can’t wait to see her little evil babies 😉 And, I’ve been doing okay I guess!! I normally have an insanely long school day and when I get back I’m pretty much exhausted so I only have leisure time on weekends ): so much work to be done but I would rather be playing sims lol


      2. That’s how it was with my old school… Dx Ughh, I remember that all too well. I went to bed right after dinner sometimes because I was just so. freaking. exhausted. XP


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