Generation 2; Chapter 13

The party didn’t start so well.01-15-15_8-04 PM I asked Chaim to entertain, for old time’s sake (and Isis was tired of playing for kids’ birthday parties…I’m not going to argue with a hormonal pregnant woman).  I guess the excitement was too much for him.01-15-15_8-03 PM Mom took her role as caterer very seriously, throwing together a uniform at the last minute and everything.  She made some excellent appetizers and a couple of gourmet cheesecakes.  Being a foodie, I was in heaven.01-15-15_8-06 PM I thought one cake was for the kids, and one was for the guests.  That was not the case.  I got a little ahead of myself and took a piece of Fey’s cake before she blew out her candles…   She wasn’t happy, but after a good yell and a maniac laugh, she blew out the remaining candles. 01-15-15_8-07 PM “I’m hot!  Yes!”

“A hot mess, maybe…” I heard Mom grumble from the kitchen.01-15-15_8-12 PM #SelfieWithTheBestie #ImHot #HideYourHusbands

Oh, Watcher.  Was I like this as a teenager?  I don’t think I was… 01-15-15_8-10 PMThe mixologist we hired was a hit — everyone loved him!01-15-15_8-11 PM Well, almost everyone…  Isis has been a bit hormonal lately.  Not that I blame her, being well into her third trimester and all.01-15-15_8-13 PM Elizabeth showed up; she and Isis got to know each other.

“So you’re Sawyer’s Mom’s long-lost illegitimate daughter?”01-15-15_8-13 PM-2 “Something like that!” 01-15-15_8-14 PM-2 Rowan kept putting off aging up.  “I’m not hungry, I’m playing!”

If you ask me, he’s probably nervous about starting high school, especially with his evil twin sister.  Ahh, I remember those days…well, except I didn’t have an evil twin sister. 01-15-15_8-07 PM-3 Around ten o’clock, I realized I hadn’t seen Rowan for awhile, and the party was about over.  I ended up finding him in in the library with the Mom, my sister, and my half-sister, playing a game of poker.  Who the plum taught my child-aged son how to play poker?!01-15-15_8-07 PM-4 Okay, I think the real question here is who the plum taught my son that poker face?

I think obvious answer here is my simself.

01-15-15_8-15 PM We all started heading into the dining room so Rowan could age up.   01-15-15_8-15 PM-2 Is that…my teenage daughter drinking?!

“I feel so warm and fuzzy inside…eheeheehehe…”01-15-15_8-17 PM Quincey and I bonded over our love of food, Fey managed to stumble her way into a chair, and BB brought out the second cheesecake (praise Watcher for more cheesecake). 01-15-15_8-18 PM-3 Songs were sung, confetti was throw, maniac laughter was had, and my boy became a man. 01-15-15_8-22 PM “My hair…my beautiful hair…” 01-15-15_8-41 PMAfter a huge small panic attack and some help from Dakota (that man has always had nice hair — it must run in the family), he was somewhat satisfied with teenagedom, and celebrated with a piece of amazing cheesecake.  Seriously, guys, this stuff is to die for. 01-15-15_8-42 PM Um, did I just jinx something?01-15-15_8-43 PM “Not now!  It’s my birthday, I just became a teenager…I need help figuring out my bodily changes and stuff!  Please!” 01-15-15_8-43 PM-2 “Read an encyclopedia or something.  I have waiting long enough — I will have this soul!” 01-15-15_8-43 PM-3 He cried all night.01-15-15_8-43 PM-4 “Farewell, emo teen!  If this is too hard on ya, give me a call, and I’ll come get your soul too.  Bye!  Thanks for the cake!”

The house was a mess, literally and metaphorically.  01-17-15_2-57 PM At some point, BB and the mixologist found their way to the garden.  BB has developed an odd fascination with Moosley, Cow Pie’s brother.

(I’m determined to keep this one alive, guys.  Even if it means sacrificing a few family friends.)01-15-15_8-52 PM The only one still enjoying herself was Fey.  Still drinking, too.01-15-15_8-51 PM2“Two deaths, everyone in misery, and as many drinks as I want — best birthday ever.”


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