Generation 2; Chapter 6

Mom’s birthday is today, and she’s finally going to age up into an elder.  I think that having a few grandkids has brought her some peace about getting older.  01-10-15_9-43 PM She wanted to throw a “black and white” birthday party in honor of her soon-to-be white hair.  She baked the cake herself. 01-10-15_9-43 PM-2 Apparently it doesn’t matter how foul the dark matter mirror of your dead husband is; Mom is still smitten. 01-10-15_10-10 PM It was a small party, just family and close friends.   It was suppose to be a black and white party, so naturally Quincy had to buck the system and wear pink.  At least mom didn’t seem to mind.01-10-15_10-12 PM She wanted to blow out the candles on her own.  Something about “if I end up a wrinkly, disgusting mess, I’m going to hide in my room and force Watcher to remove the door.”01-10-15_10-13 PM-2 Suddenly we all heard a screech from the kitchen.  “I’m only mildly wrinkly!  I’m not completely disgusting!  Yes!” 01-10-15_10-15 PM Mom wasn’t the only one who celebrating a birthday!  The twins were also ready to age up.01-10-15_11-00 PM First was Fey; she has her mother’s gorgeous red hair and the Johnson blue eyes…01-10-15_11-01 PM…and Rowan does too!  He seems to take more after Isis in looks and personality.  He’s an Art Lover, though he wants to be a whiz kid like me.01-10-15_11-46 PMFey…is another story.  I don’t know who she takes after…maybe Isis’s birth parents…?  She’s…a little bit Evil, to be honest, but she really does try to contain it around the family.  Occasionally she’ll snap at Mom or Rowan, but she apologizes right after.  Just because she has a dark side doesn’t mean we love her any less.  We just have to work a little harder to raise her right, and we will.


7 thoughts on “Generation 2; Chapter 6

    1. EXACTLY. She’s hilarious to watch (she maniacally laughs every fifteen minutes while doing anything on the computer). But I have to monitor her conversations so carefully! If she has a whim to be mean to some stranger, I usually let her do it, but I try to keep her from tearing the family apart… She yells at Rowan all the time (she was angry when she found out she was a twin, no surprise there), I have to work hard just to keep them at ‘acquaintances’. Dx

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      1. I had this idea that if I treated the evil child well and cancelled all her evil interactions and reinforced her positive ones, then her evil trait would wither… I don’t think it exactly worked!


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