Generation 1; Chapter 18

01-03-15_8-16 PM Now that Sawyer’s in high school, he’s started studying hard again to keep up that A-average.01-03-15_8-18 PM-3 Quincy really doesn’t care about her grades; she’s stopped caring about competing with her brother and decided to focus on her own interests – art, for one.  Eh, she’s pulling a B, and that’s good enough for me.

Ew.  Rhymes.  Stop. 01-03-15_8-19 PM She’s been in her room a lot lately.  We bought her an easel for her birthday, and she has been spending all of her time after school painting. 01-03-15_8-47 PM The splatter painting on the wall was her first piece.  Not bad, if I say so myself!01-03-15_9-56 PM Sawyer has been landscaping the backyard beautifully.  I never really did much with it – I’m not really the outdoorsy type, so I’m glad he’s taking an interest.   01-03-15_9-15 PM It has become his “happy place” when Claim is in his room (which is the majority of the day).  Yeah, he still hasn’t left.  We could really use some police in this neighborhood.01-03-15_9-48 PM Archer had the old shop demolished; he said he was getting too old to go up and down those ladder-steps anymore, and he didn’t want the half-re-rebuilt rocket reminding him that he would probably never be a real astronaut.  He hasn’t been promoted lately, and it’s not likely that he will anytime soon…01-03-15_9-50 PM He built a little shed out by Sawyer’s garden and he’s much happier with it.

01-03-15_9-04 PMIsis hangs out at our house every day after school; Sawyer hasn’t said anything about them being “together”….yet.  They’re best friends, and have been since childhood.  It’s just a matter of time.


The other night I was reading the newest Game of Groans book before going to bed, when Sawyer came to my room around midnight to ask if Isis could spend the night.

Sawyer – “It’s the middle of the night, it’s dark outside, and she’s the ideal victim for a psychotic serial killer to kidnap!   You know, young, pretty, nice hair…beautiful eyes…short dress…ehem, I mean…young…”

Jordan – “Okay…but she sleeps in your sister’s room.” 01-03-15_10-15 PM-2 I went to check his room before I fell asleep…

Quincy, still half-asleep – “You said Isis had to sleep in my room…so I slept in here…Goodnight, Mom…”

How many times have I said that he is too smart for his own good?  01-03-15_10-16 PM01-03-15_10-17 PM 01-03-15_10-27 PM Isis – “Ahh…goodmorning…” 01-03-15_10-28 PM Sawyer – “Goodmorning!  Coffee?  I made coffee!  It’s kind of strong but I didn’t know how you liked it so you can always put milk in it – wait, do you even drink coffee?” 01-03-15_10-29 PM-2Isis – “No, but I will take your pancakes.” 01-03-15_10-29 PM Sawyer – “Okay!  I’m gonna go take a shower!  Help yourself to…whatever!  Be right back!” 01-03-15_11-09 AMAfter showering, Sawyer ran back downstairs to watch tv with Isis, and ran straight into Claim.

Sawyer – “Dude!  Seriously!  GET OUT!”

Claim – “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sawyer – Wait…I have an idea…

After a couple of hours, Sawyer came running into the library.  “Mom!  I got Claim out of the house!  We need to put new locks on the doors!  Now!”

We haven’t seen Claim since.


7 thoughts on “Generation 1; Chapter 18

    1. That man would not freaking leave. My sims would tell him to go away, rhey would all leave the lot, everything. He was still there. No one had the option to ‘ask to leave’, for whatever reason. Finally I had Sawyer ‘travel with’ him to the lounge, and I guess we left him there. 😛 Whew. XD


    1. That’s such a cute idea. I just got the clingy-creepy-stalker vibe, but your idea is much cuter.
      (Also it’s so weird getting comments about these suuuper old Sims, some of which I’d already forgotten about! I guess it’s time I re-read!)


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