Generation 1; Chapter 12

We’ve been trying to eat dinner together every night, to stay close as a family.

12-30-14_9-10 AM Jordan – “I think it’s time we start talking to them about the legacy.”

Archer – “I think you’re right.”12-30-14_9-10 AM-4Jordan and Archer – (geekily in sync) “We have something to tell you.”12-30-14_9-12 AM-3 Archer – “And then your mom described it as a ‘royal bloodline’!”

Quincy – What’s a “royal bloodline”?  Like kings and queens and dragons and castles?  Like my dollhouse castle?  Hey, speaking of “bloodlines,” where do babies come from?

I almost choked on my food.  Maybe it was too soon.12-30-14_9-12 AM-4 Sawyer – *smirking*  “I know where babies come from.”

He’s too smart for his own good.

12-30-14_9-12 AM-5I have a feeling that we’re going to have to watch this one when he ages up.

The smoulder.

Overall, they took it very well, and Quincy believes the stork story for now (well, I may have embellished a bit and told her it was a magic dragon in the form of an elven princess who brings babies to their parents.  What?  It’ll be easier to transition into the real story someday…’The dragon-elves are disguised as nurses in this world…’).  Most importantly, I told them that with great power comes great responsibility, and that they have expectations to live up to, being legacy kids.

12-30-14_9-13 AMSawyer took advantage of this opportunity to beg for his own computer.

Sawyer – “If I’m going to be part of a great legacy, I need a great computer!”

Jordan – “I’ll think about it.”  To be honest, I’m just tired of sharing my own computer.

12-30-14_10-30 AM-3 Sawyer – “A sim playing Sims…simception.  Coool.”12-30-14_10-30 AM-2Sawyer – “It…it crashed…without saving…”

Jordan – “Did you break the computer again?!”

12-30-14_8-53 AM When he isn’t breaking my computer, he’s working hard to get an A in school.  No matter how stressed he may be, the first thing he does after school is finish his homework, and occasionally some extra credit work. 12-30-14_9-53 AM-4Then he spends the rest of the night holed up in his room experimenting with his wizard set.  A geek after my own heart.  12-30-14_9-55 AM-2Sawyer – “I know I’m cute.  And smart.  And the heir.”12-30-14_8-54 AMQuincy studies hard all day to keep up with her brother, but it just doesn’t come as naturally to her, and she gets overwhelmed easily.  We let her relax after school, and after dinner either Archer or I help her with her homework.12-30-14_8-54 AM-2Sage comes over to babysit while Archer and I are at work.12-30-14_8-55 AM Sawyer usually hides out in his room, but Quincy loves her. 12-30-14_9-59 AM-4 She even stays for family meals.

Sage – “So, I started seeing someone.”12-30-14_10-02 AMJordan – “Wait, is he cute?”

Sawyer – “Mom, a long-lasting relationship should not be based on appearance, as everyone will eventually age up to the elder life stage and become wrinkly and saggy.”

Don’t remind me, kid.12-30-14_10-02 AM-2 Sage – “Yeah, he’s cute.  He’s also really sweet, and I think he’s ready to settle down and start a family!”

Jordan – “That’s great!  I’m happy for you.  I can’t wait until there are mini Sages running around the house – these kids need some playmates.”12-30-14_10-03 AM-2Sage – “You two had better be careful or you’ll have more mini-Jordans running around the house!” 12-30-14_10-03 AM-4Sawyer – “Flirting as one did before marriage is a sign of a healthy relationship.  Woohoo is also vital to a healthy marriage.”

Sage – “Well, I guess I know who to go to for marriage counseling some day!” 12-30-14_10-06 AMWhile Sawyer continued giving Sage relationship advice (like I said, too smart for his own good), I helped Quincy finish her homework, then got the kids to bed. 12-30-14_10-08 AM-2I walked by the living room to say goodnight to Sage, and I almost had a heart attack.  Why, you ask? 12-30-14_11-07 AM

12-30-14_11-07 AM-2Because this is literally a daily occurrence.

It has a fireguard.  Does that mean nothing to you, EA?!  (Photos from literally the day before.)12-30-14_10-52 AM-2 Just find your happy place.  You have grilled cheese.  The fireplace isn’t possessed by demon-baby-Quincy.  You have grilled cheese.

Hidden insane trait…?  I think so.12-30-14_10-16 AM-2 Archer likes to sleep in the jacuzzi tub.  I don’t blame him, since he has actually been caught on fire, and you never know when the fireplace will randomly start burning the house down.12-30-14_10-52 AM-4 We had a sprinkler system installed in Sawyer’s room, just in case his wizard set catches fire.  Surprisingly, he hasn’t lit the house on fire once! 12-30-14_10-53 AM Sawyer – “This surprises you, why?  I’ve already maxed my mental skill and have almost as much logic skill as you.” 12-30-14_10-53 AM-6 Sawyer – “I know what I’m doing.” 12-30-14_10-54 AM Sawyer – “99.9% of the time.” 12-30-14_10-55 AM Quincy – “Hey, dad!”

Archer – “Wha- FIRE?!”12-30-14_10-56 AM-2 Quincy – “No fire, calm down.” 12-30-14_10-57 AM Quincy – “So I have a proposition for you.  I want a violin.  Buy me one.”

Archer – “Yeah…that sounds safe…good idea.”12-30-14_11-29 AMSo Quincy got a violin.  Archer is putty in her hands.12-30-14_12-30 PM We also bought her a tv for her room, because she’s lazy and loves to watch hours upon hours of tv (and we don’t really want her in the living room…and I don’t really want to be in the living room…).12-30-14_11-05 AMOver the weekend, Quincy spent her days drawing animals and monsters for her wall.  Archer kept Sawyer occupied with many a few rounds of chess.

Quincy – “Hey daddy, look at my picture!”

Archer – “It’s beautiful!  You’ll be a famous artist someday!”

12-30-14_11-05 AM-2 Archer – “Wait…wasn’t I winning a second ago?”

Sawyer – (poker face) “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” books of lifeWhat have I been doing all weekend?  Just memorializing my family with the Book of Life.  Actually, three Books of Life:  Archer’s, Sawyer’s, and Quincy’s…No biggie.


10 thoughts on “Generation 1; Chapter 12

  1. Great Chapter! I love Sawyer, he’s a total cutie.

    Regarding fireguard, it got ruined with the patch. They tuned the fires to catch the stuff on the mantel and around the fireplace on fire waaaaaaay more frequently, so I thinks it’s bypassing the upgrade 😐 SimGuruBChick said she was gonna ask one of the devs if it’s working like it should, but she never responded back. So who knows if fireplaces will be usable, without frequent fires, again.


    1. I read in the patch update where they ‘increased the chance of objects on the mantle catching fire,’ and I can understand the occasional fire, because it is a “fireguard,” not Sims 3 “fireproof.” But yeah, this is just ridiculous. Also, apparently my sims can’t extinguish things on the mantle, so I just have to let it burn until one of the sprinklers starts working. Dx

      I used to have Archer’s Book of Life on the mantle – at least I moved that before the fires started plaguing me! That could’ve been really bad… XD


    1. Before the patch, the fireguard upgrade (only available with a high handiness skill and a lot of parts xP) worked like the Sims 3 fireproof upgrade. I put the autolight upgrade on it as well, because I always forget to light/put out the fire. Bad idea. Fireplace off = the only safe way to live.


      1. TS4 is the first Sims game I’ve played, I don’t know how the fireproof upgrade worked, but I’m guessing it stopped sims from getting burned?
        The autolight update wouldn’t work for me, someone is always there, it’s a big room.
        Yes, fireplace off is the best way.


      2. Fireproof prevented anything from catching on fire. The fire stayed in the fireplace, where it belonged. And I’ve got the same problem with autolight seeing as the fireplace is in the ‘great room’ – entry way, main first floor hall way, kitchen, and living room. It’s almost always on. I went ahead and used the fire.false cheat or whatever it is. I don’t regret it at all. XD


  2. Sawyer is such a little smartypants, I adore him! I can already tell he’s going to grow up to be q cool sim. And yay for family meals – something always really pleases me about having the whole sim family around one table!


    1. Sawyer was such a sassy child, but he grew into a total family man and eventually a dedicated super-skiller/potion-abuser. He certainly was a…special Sim.


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