Generation 1, Chapter 6

Our lives have settled into a comfortable routine.  Work, skill building, friends and family time. 12-26-14_2-07 AMSage comes over and hangs out while I write; I haven’t seen Selena for awhile, but she’s probably busy raising her family.

12-26-14_2-00 AM 12-26-14_1-51 AMArcher’s been cooking up a storm lately.  That is, when he’s not playing with his new microscope or working out.  He’s trying to get fit for work, but he’s so clumsy…he’s so cute when he trips over his own feet.

astro3 Yes, that is his face right after he almost fell off the treadmill.

clean0 He’s also taken up woodworking as a hobby.   clean1He’s become quite the handyman, and thankfully, too.  It seems like everything is breaking all the time around here!  It’s a miracle the plumping never broke when I was single, because I don’t have any knowledge of handiness.

12-26-14_2-14 AMElizabeth stops by quite often. I keep training her for the apocalypse.  “If there’s a threatening presence in the area, make yourself really big and scary.  Hopefully they will think you’re more threatening then they are and leave you alone.”

12-26-14_2-13 AMElizabeth – “Like this?”

Jordan – “Eh, try this.”

Elizabeth – *screams*12-26-14_2-14 AM-2 Jordan – “See?  Threatening.”

Elizabeth – “Ahh, I get it now.”  12-26-14_12-16 AM I tell her stories while I write.

Jordan – “And then, Bonito cracks his whip, jumps over three dead giant badgers, and does a back-flip off the last living one.  Alas!  He lands wrong and breaks his ankle.  The badger turns to face him, teeth bared.”

Elizabeth – *gasps*

Jordan – “For a moment, Bonito thinks this is the end.  Out of nowhere a silent, lithe elf bursts through the trees and shoots an arrow through the badger’s heart just as it rears up to jump on Bonito.”12-26-14_12-16 AM-2Then she gives me ideas on how to make them better.

Elizabeth – “No, Mom.  The giant badgers can’t be all dead yet.  There has to be one more badger hiding…in the…entrance to the underground giant badger city!  Where the giant badger overlord lives and plots to rule the world!”

Jordan – “You really should try dm’ing some time.”

12-26-14_12-12 AM-3 She also loves playing chess with Archer.     kid3kid2 Sometimes Nicole will come for dinner; she’s almost always in a bad mood when she arrives.kid4 kid5 Though I can usually cheer her up.kid6We all eat on the couch, talking about school and their friends and such.

Elizabeth – “School’s good.  I made a friend…he’s really geeky and cute and-”

Nicole – “Ew.  Stop.  School and boys are gross.”kid7Jordan – “Yeah, I’m not doing these dishes.  Watcher will drag them into the trash for me.”

Elizabeth and Nicole – “Watcher?”

clean2Archer does do all of a lot of the cleaning.  He’s the best husband I could ask for.  He compliments me perfectly: he’s handy and helps with the housework, and lets me be my lazy self.

household7household8After the twins leave, Archer and I spend some time to ourselves, cuddling on the couch and watching some tv before going to bed.household5 household4 Or before doing…other things. household3Did I forget to mention that I’ve really come to enjoy the excessively large telescope in the backyard?


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